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The patent-pending Hitch ‘n Pitch™ is a brand new concept in tent camping that combines the best aspects of soft-side roof top tents with the every day convenience of a hitch mounted rack. Here’s how it works…

First you Hitch it…

Quickly attaches to a standard 2 inch receiver hitch with 1-2 people

Then you Pitch it!

Tilts down and expands to provide a solid, bed-height frame for your RTT

You can even Ditch it!

Can be quickly detached and left in camp while you are out exploring


The Hitch ‘n Pitch™ offers numerous advantages compared to typical roof-mounting of your RTT.


  • Only mount the tent on your vehicle when you go camping; retain full vehicle functionality the rest of the time
  • Reduces wear and tear on the tent compared to permanent roof mounting
  • Improves fuel economy compared to permanent roof mounting

Set Up

  • Improved access to tent setup compared to climbing around on your vehicle to access tent zippers, straps, etc
  • Height-adjustable legs ensure a level camping surface


  • Entry & egress are as easy as getting out of bed; no more ladder to deal with
  • No longer need to pack up your RTT every time you drive your vehicle away from camp