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The Hitch ‘n Pitch was conceived in beautiful Boulder, Colorado by aerospace engineer, Pat Brown. When he isn’t building scientific payloads for NASA that will fly on the International Space Station, he is out exploring the natural world. In his free time, he has climbed a few of the world’s great mountains including Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua, and he has also kayaked many premier whitewater rivers including the Grand Canyon and the Tatshenshini/Alsek in Alaska.

His insatiable desire to explore and invent recently caused him to ponder how roof top tents (RTT) could be improved upon and within a few weeks, he had his first prototype of the Hitch ‘n Pitch that he excitedly showed to friends. Several prototypes later, he was able to successfully test a fully functional Hitch ‘n Pitch on the highways, backways, dirt roads, camp grounds, and desert wilderness around Moab, Utah.

The next steps for the Hitch ‘n Pitch are a new adventure for us, and we want you to join us!

So let us know what you think about the Hitch ‘n Pitch and sign up to stay in touch with our progress!