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Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below to learn lots more about the Hitch ‘n Pitch.

If you still have questions, please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you right away.

What does “HNP” mean? 2017-09-07T19:08:29+00:00

HNP = Hitch ‘n Pitch

What is included with the HNP? 2017-04-03T18:43:03+00:00

The HNP includes patent-pending hitch-mounted rack. You will supply a compatible roof top tent.

Is Hitch ‘n Pitch affiliated with Tepui tents? 2017-09-07T19:17:27+00:00

Tepui makes great rooftop tents, but Hitch ‘n Pitch is not affiliated with Tepui. However, you can see that their Kukenam SKY works great with the HNP.

Which RTTs are compatible with the HNP? 2017-04-03T19:10:07+00:00

The HNP is designed to be bolt-on compatible with the majority of soft-side roof top tents (RTTs). These include the small (42″ x 48″ closed size) and medium (58″ x 48″ closed size) tents without an atrium.

Some popular examples include:

  • Tepui Ayer and Kukenam
  • CVT Mt Bachelor and Mt Shasta
What vehicles are compatible with the HNP? 2017-04-03T19:07:19+00:00

The HNP fits into a standard 2 inch receiver hitch, so any vehicle that is designed to handle a hitch tongue weight of 300 lbs or more should work.

However, the HNP works best with vehicles whose rear profile is approximately the same shape as the RTT in the travel position. This includes mid and full size SUVs and pickup trucks with shells, minivans, and full size vans.

How much will the HNP cost? 2017-04-03T18:52:39+00:00

Production costs vary widely with the scale of production, the location of production (e.g., USA vs. China), and the quality of production. We intend to produce the HNP in the USA with the finest quality materials and techniques, so we expect that costs to initial buyers will be approximately the same as a quality roof top tent.

When will the HNP be available for purchase? 2017-09-07T22:22:11+00:00

We are working with manufacturers with the goal of bringing the first HNP units to market in the coming year.